Hot Water Chullahs (HWC)

What Rural Women Want is the Hot Water Chullah (and what Men would too, if they cooked)..!

The Hot Water Chullah is an in-house design by WOTR that brings about proper oxidation and so is a more efficient and relatively smokeless chullah. In addition, it utilizes the energy lost through radiation and convection for heating water.

In rural Maharashtra, an estimated 80-85% of the households are dependent on firewood for cooking. The savings in fuel costs, cooking time, drudgery of gathering firewood and less exposure to indoor air-pollution has made it the favoured chullah-model among the women. It also seems to be less of a fire hazard than a traditional chullah.

Sustainability challenges:

Our design of the Hot Water Chullah is always improving based on user experience. The ability to customize the design according to the wide variety of kitchen sizes and layouts in rural India is the key to increasing its user base and popularity.

Some minor modifications that have been proposed are:

• Threading the outlet pipe so that with some plumbing, the hot water can reach the bathroom
• A wider funnel for easier pouring of water
• Reducing the height between the pan and the fire
• A narrower opening at the top for more efficient cooking

Sitting and chatting in the Khandari family kitchen in Chinchkheda, I couldn’t help remembering an incident. In another village, seeing me unable to control my eyes watering from the smoke coming from the kitchen, the man of the house closed the door to the kitchen, shutting his wife in with even more smoke, while she cooked for the family. Now, we have a solution to offer that home. 

17. March 2012 by admin
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