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Rural communities face the daily reality of resource insecurity – a combination of scarcity (insufficiency inaccessibility and unavailability), vulnerability (weakness subject to damage and hazards) and stress (use exceeds availability). It is a very real condition of everyday life that … Continue reading

14. October 2012 by admin
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Tackling the triple threats

Scenario 1:  Food prices have nearly doubled between 2004 and 2008 and continue to remain high. Prices of staples like wheat, rice and maize doubled and tripled in the last five years. While a range of factors have contributed to … Continue reading

01. July 2011 by admin
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Spirituality needed in times of climate change

“We have killed our Girl Cells”, Eve Ensler (of the Vagina Monologues fame), says passionately. “We have killed our ability to feel, we have killed our Heart, our Spirit and have given precedence and all-male power of the Mind”. We … Continue reading

30. April 2011 by admin
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As cycle succeeded cycle, and one nation after another came upon the world’s stage to play its brief part in the majestic drama of human life, each new people evolved from ancestral traditions its own religion, giving it a local … Continue reading

31. March 2011 by admin
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